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The Great-Big Snakes On A Plane LiveJournal Meet-Up!

SOAP Meet/HAMFEST/Whatever
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WHAT: The most massive LJ gathering of all time
WHERE: Baltimore, MD
WHEN: August 18, 2006
WHY: The premiere of Snakes On A Plane
HOW: By any means necessary

The questions that remain:

1. Who's going?
2. Where are we staying?
3. How long of a weekend can this become?
4. How much alcohol can be consumed?
5. What goods and/or services will be exchanged at SOAP SWAP*?

** SOAP SWAP: perfect_autumn and resk have spoken about the possibility of each of us bringing something to exchange with others (e.g. food, music, art, legal advice, kisses, etc.). Participation is voluntary.

Join us, baby.

ham, motherfuckin plane, ozy's forehead, pacific air flight 121, samuel l. jackson, snakes on a plane, soap